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Posted on April 11 2017


What is Prana? Prana is cosmic energy, the dynamism of life. According to yogis, it is present in the air, in our food, in our water, in our sunlight. It has no chemical or physical form, but it is our true nourishment, for without prana there can be no life. Not only does this energy exist, but it can be stored in the nervous system and through yoga the current of prana can be directed at will.

The science of controlling prana is called pranayama (ayama to extend or expand). To interpret pranayama as breathing exercises would be severely limiting the scope of the exercises and their true purpose. Pranayama is the 4th limb of 8 in the 'Yoga Sutras', it is very important for a healthy body and healthy mind, pranayama also achieves higher states of awareness. Pranayama can be practised with ease and at any time of the day on an empty stomach.


Benefits of Regular Pranayama...

  1. Increases quantity of Prana
  2. Improves the quality of Prana
  3. Clears blocked Nadis & Chakras. Clearing the whole energy around you which then heightens the spirit and expands your aura.
  4. Energising, making you more enthusiastic and positive.
  5. Creates harmony with the body, mind & spirit. Making you physically, mentally and spiritually strong.
  6. Brings clarity to the mind and health to your body.



  1. Can't shut your brain off? Repeatedly going over the day in your head? Try Bee Breath (Bhramari Pranayama) in a nice quiet corner. This will apply brakes to your active mind, it is perfect for those with hypertension.
  2. Pranayama can also help you detoxify your body, the particular breathing technique for this is called Skull Shining Breathing Technique (Kapal Bhati Pranayama).
  3. If you are feeling tired then try 3 rounds of Bellow Breath (Bhastrika Pranayama), this will help you get your energy through the roof!
  4. If you need to concentrate on something try 9 rounds of Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhan Pranayama) and then a 10-minute meditation. This will centre your mind and bring harmony to the brain.


Things that will help...

Pranayama: The Energetics Of Breath

 In this book, Andr van Lysebeth describes the laws and techniques which are necessary for collecting, storing and conscious control of pranic energies within the body.

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Pranayama & Meditation Workshop

This workshop is open to ALL Levels and will teach you more about Pranayama and Meditation. The workshop will take place at UNION YOGA with BEN HEMSON-STRUTHERS

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Meditation Cushion


If you become uncomfortable when sitting for a long period of time or get distracted, a zafu will help. It will make you more comfortable and more focused on your Meditation & Pranayama

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