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Young at Heart

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Young at Heart supports the functions and tissues of the heart. Similar formulas have been widely used for centuries in China to maintain healthy heart and circulatory function, and especially to maintain healthy, adequate coronary blood flow in already healthy individuals. Young at Heart is composed of very safe herbs that have been demonstrated to be effective, yet mild and free of side effects.

Salvia, Notoginseng, Ilex, Ligusticum, Sandalwood, Crataegus, Dang Gui and Cyperus all improve blood circulation. Dang Guiand Astragalus are major Blood tonic herb that builds blood, improve blood constituent profile and, when combined with herbs that generally improve blood circulation, help regulate blood circulation.

Traditional Function: Benefits circulation, nourishes the blood, benefits the heart, removes blood stagnation.
Ingredients: Tibetan Rhodiola root, Gypenosides (Gynostemma leaf saponins), Chinese Salvia root, Ligusticum chuanxiongrhizome, Tienchi Ginseng root, Gynostemma leaf, llex Pubescens rhizome, Sandalwood heartwood, Cyperus rhizome.

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