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Shiva Rea

Yoga Rhythms: Music to Energize the Flow of Yoga


Yogini Shiva Rea brings together a mix of world beat, dance, and sacred music that moves you from beginning to end to enhance the flow of yoga and your life. This is Yoga Rhythms - the unifying pulse.

Like the current of a river, this music is sometimes dynamic, invigorating, and uncharted, at other times tranquil, ancient, and steady, but no matter the mood, they are always satisfying. These tracks, says Shiva, are the ones that inspire people to ask after a class: "What was that? I want more!"

  1. Craig Kohland - Prana (Sahana Vavatu)
  2.  T.J. Rehmi - Transform
  3. Dum Dum Project - Jaia Ganesha
  4.  Gus Gus - Anthem
  5. Ben Leinbach - Chigumbo
  6. Ticklah - The Dub and the Restless
  7. Glen Velez - Third Eye
  8. Al Gromer Khan - Conga Jog
  9. Ben Leinbach - Backbends for Opening the Heart
  10. Peter Kater - Wandering
  11. Shri Anandi Ma - Guru Mari

Contents: 1 CD (75 minutes)
Date Published: August 01, 2002

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