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Seane Corn

The Yoga Of Awakening: Body Mind Flow


With The Yoga of Awakening three-volume training series, Seane Corn makes available for the first time her complete program for entering the deeper dimensions of yoga - and discovering our own vast capacities of consciousness, empowerment, and connection. Each DVD guides us into a unique realm of consciousness - the physical-mental, the emotional-energetic, and the psychic-symbolic - to discover our full potential in each dimension. Volume I, Body-Mind Flow, teaches the foundational practices of the series.

DVD One provides all-level instruction in Vinyasa flow yoga and on awareness of the body for inner discovery and healing. DVD Two offers more advanced practice to stabilise your foundation, deepen the body-mind connection, and release tension. With precise and easy-to-follow guidance, you'll learn how to:

  • Build each pose from the ground up while tuning into the body-mind
  • Harmonize movement, breathing, and awareness
  • Work with your physical "edges" to release stuck emotions
  • Create strength and well-being - physically and spiritually

Each DVD has been designed for use at either the beginner level or as a sweat-inducing advanced workout - and includes a music-only option for undistracted practice. Features music by Suzanne Sterling. "It doesn't matter if you practice for minutes or hours. It's not about the application - it's about our attitude." - Seane Corn

Contents: 2 DVDs (3 hours, 13 minutes)

Date Published: May 01, 2014

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