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In this upcoming workshop, Ben Hemson-Struthers will share the unique Budokon Mixed Movement Arts system.


Humans are animals. Yet we are conditioned from a young age to detach from that integral part of our existence. This workshop will explore realms of movement that connect us to the primal nature that is being human. We will also go beyond mere Homo Sapiens and explore many wonderful and magical movements gifted to us from the animal kingdom. Join us for an evolutionary journey to find our inner primates.

Developing a yoga practice often lacks dynamic movement patterns. Yet we are born to move and finding new patterns of movement is liberating both for the body and mind.We will explore the fundamentals, philosophy and movement of the Yogic & Martial Arts, while playing with powerful Animal Locomotion and Calisthenics. Think like a Yogi. Live like a Warrior. Move like an Animal.


Ben's Bio

Ben completed his first teacher training with Jim Harrington and went on to further study with Matthew Sweeney. His personal practice includes the Intermediate Ashtanga series, as well as the Vinyasa Krama Sequences of Matthew Sweeney—Chandra, the Moon sequence; Simha, the Lion Sequence; and Baddha, the Bound sequence. Ben loves movement in all expressions and can be found off the yoga mat hiking, surfing and playing like a child in a tree. Beyond the physical, Ben’s personal exploration of yoga has also inspired him to travel to India, start Vipassana Meditation, pursue Yoga Philosophy and move into a vegetarian diet. He has a quirky love for fermented foods and will happily trade recipes for kimchi or kombucha.



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This workshop is suitable for ALL LEVELS.

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