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Ekabhumi Charles Ellik

The Shakti Colouring Book


The term shakti refers to the creative power of divinity—what artist and teacher Ekabhumi Charles Ellik calls “the electric juice of life.” Shakti is personified by an array of revered goddesses who represent universal virtues and archetypal energies we all share. The Shakti Colouring Book was created to help you begin to activate the transformational currents of this sacred power in your own life—even if you’ve never considered yourself an artist.

With The Shakti Coloring Book, Ekabhumi invites you to a serious yet thoroughly enjoyable practice. This comprehensive guidebook begins with “Recognising Shakti,” a survey of the goddesses and their traditional attributes along with the origin and purpose of mandalas, yantras, and sacred geometry. Part two, “Embodying Shakti,” discusses the creation of mystic artworks and the making of art as a spiritual practice. Part three, “Colouring Shakti,” presents 21 stunning images of goddesses paired with 21 mystic diagrams to colour and meditate upon as portals to new insight, transformation, and, ultimately, self-realisation. The book concludes with “Manifesting Shakti” a step-by-step training in creating a simple yantra (or “realisation device”) to be used for purification and as a foundation for higher-level yogic practices.

“Making sacred art is a type of meditation,” explains Ekabhumi, “helping us to come into stillness, focus our attention, and align with the principles portrayed in our artworks.” Is there a virtue or trait that you would like to cultivate or strengthen? Are you looking for a way to deepen or expand your spiritual practice? Do you feel compelled by the beauty, mystery, and power of the goddesses? If so, The Shakti Colouring Book gives you a resource you will turn to time and again for inspiration, support, and self-expression.

Please note: this book is a mix of text for learning, and images for colouring.

Paperback: 148 pages.

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