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Partner stretching is a safe way to move deeper and access postures you may not be able to access by yourself.


Partner stretching and adjustments are techniques to help you move into your body in ways that you would be limited by practicing alone. 

These techniques used by professional athletes and performers often allow you to move beyond your limits in safe and secure ways and will help develop strength and flexibility. Partner stretching is also fun and highly engaging and this workshop will tap into the elements of human touch and the power of connection within the tribe. 

Although not common in yoga classes partner stretching and resistance stretching are used extensively by professional athletes, gymnasts and dancers to help develop strength and flexibility. This is due to the body changing as we mature and becoming naturally tougher and harder to mobilise as we get older. Having a partner is one way to safely move deeper and access postures you may not be able to access by yourself.

A safe place to play together.


Ben's Bio

Ben completed his first teacher training with Jim Harrington and went on to further study with Matthew Sweeney. His personal practice includes the Intermediate Ashtanga series, as well as the Vinyasa Krama Sequences of Matthew Sweeney—Chandra, the Moon sequence; Simha, the Lion Sequence; and Baddha, the Bound sequence. Ben loves movement in all expressions and can be found off the yoga mat hiking, surfing and playing like a child in a tree. Beyond the physical, Ben’s personal exploration of yoga has also inspired him to travel to India, start Vipassana Meditation, pursue Yoga Philosophy and move into a vegetarian diet. He has a quirky love for fermented foods and will happily trade recipes for kimchi or kombucha.



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This workshop is suitable for ALL LEVELS.

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