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John P. Milton

T'ai Chi for Liberation: An Ancient Practice from Wudang Mountain, China


The T 'ai Chi Forms for Spiritual Awakening

Practitioners around the world rely on t 'ai chi to maintain physical health and well-being, but few realize that certain forms of t 'ai chi offer an even more profound benefit: spiritual evolution.

On T 'ai Chi for Liberation, John P. Milton reveals a vital practice missing from most t 'ai chi in the West. Also known as Wuji T 'ai Chi, ? this secret practice was created at Wudang Mountain in the 13th century by the legendary Taoist master Chang San Feng. Now Milton, one of few Western teachers invited as an honored Taoist cultivator to Wudang, presents a training program for practicing this revered art.

Filmed among the majestic stone arches of Utah, this step-by-step video features precise instruction in:

  • The Earth Form for drawing qi to energize your physical and energy bodies
  • The Heaven Form for cultivating celestial qi, and the qi of the eight directions to nourish your spiritual essence
  • Practicing both forms together to harmonize the body and soul - the t 'ai chi path to enlightenment

With T 'ai Chi for Liberation, John P. Milton presents a movement-based path for helping you attain inner peace, physical health, and spiritual awakening. Discover the benefits of this easy-to-learn form immediately as you unblock and purify your meridians, gather and refine your chi, and ultimately cultivate deep levels of clarity and bliss.

Contents: 1 DVD (1 hour, 30 minutes)
Date Published: August 01, 2009

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