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Loch Kelly

Shift into Freedom

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An explorative book, where you will learn more about:

" How to separate awareness from thinking to realize that thoughts and emotions are not the center of who we are

" How insights from neuroscience can help us learn how to embody awakening

" Ego-identification, a pattern of thought that co-opts the body's boundary program and creates a mistaken identity

" The paradox of "being home while returning home"?

" Finding the off-switch for the chattering mind

" How to intentionally and immediately shift into peace of mind any time of your day 

" Awakening as a natural process of human development, which unfolds as waking up, waking in, and waking out

" Meditation practices for all phases of the journey of awakening and embodiment

" Four stages of spiritual growth: recognition, realization, stabilization, and expression

" Untying the "knots"? in our mindbody system to liberate us from our deepest doubts and fears

" How to move from deliberate mindfulness to effortless mindfulness and heart mindfulness

" How to effortlessly focus without using attention

" Discovering your innate happiness that is not dependent on circumstances

" How to welcome and liberate sub-personalities after initial awakening

" A user's manual for your consciousness to help you free yourself from the limits of ego-identification and live from open-hearted awareness

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