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David Morehouse

Remote Viewing Training Course


In 1988, David Morehouse found himself in the shrouded world of the U.S. military 's top-secret Stargate Program, where he performed Remote Viewing techniques to expose covert operations in other countries. Millions of dollars were spent to prove scientifically that we can literally extend our consciousness from the body through any physical boundaries to gather real, verifiable information.

Today, dedicated to the peaceful uses of this practice for personal and spiritual growth, David Morehouse offers you The Remote Viewing Training Course—an unprecedented home study program with step-by-step instruction from the first and most knowledgeable authority of this incredible work. Join him to learn how to observe details from the past, the future, and across physical distances to change your personal destiny, and expand your consciousness of the many dimensions of reality.

The Remote Viewing Course includes a 284-page illustrated workbook, 22 hours of guided instruction on CD and 3 viewing missions with sealed confirmations - to train and test your Remote Viewing skills.

Discs: 22
Duration: 1,320 mins
Published: 2002

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