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Harmonic Innerprizes

Colloidal Golden Platinum

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Colloidal Gold has a history of medicinal uses. Prior to pharmaceutical drugs, colloidal gold was used to treat asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and other forms of stiffness in the joints. More recently, colloidal gold has been used to improve function of the nervous system.  Scientists have used colloidal gold as a cell maker, as it may stimulate cellular growth and ensure the survival of the existing nervous structure.

Many ancient cultures pursued gold for its spiritual benefits. The Conquistadors pursued the trails of gold all through the Andes looking for El Dorado and the Fountain of Youth. El Dorado literally means “the Golden One.” The people of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Israel possessed knowledge of an alchemical process to not only make gold from lower elements (the Philosopher’s Stone), but also to transform gold into a high-spun, monatomic state, which was used to attain higher sates of consciousness.

Size: 2fl oz (36 servings)

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