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Treat Yourself, homemade 'nutella' recipe and a weeklong course with Doug Swenson!

Posted on July 12 2016

We hope you are all having a very lovely summer! This week's newsletter is all about treating yourself and others - we've selected some of our favourite 'treat yourself' products but of course these are great for someone else too! Click here!

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We continue with the home practice series - thank you for those who have gotten in touch to let us know it's helped - this week is about being intuitive (and good to yourself!). We've also included a homemade 'nutella' (chocolate hazelnut spread) recipe - just 4 ingredients! - for you to treat yourself with!

Yours in Yoga,
Lynda & Abbie

Nostalgic but not full of the refined sugar or any other nasties!

We made this for the first time a few weeks ago, and it was a roaring success. It left us feeling like we were eating something truly terrible for us, but yet knowing we weren't. You have to try it! You can make this chocolate hazelnut spread in 4 ingredients - another food processor wonder!

A brilliant snack, this spread keeps in a jar in the cupboard for a few weeks and has just been generally handy to have around (like when we ran out of peanut butter trying to make flapjacks and used this instead!). Recipe from: The Minimalist Baker


- 415g raw unsalted hazelnuts

- 100g chocolate (or 3tbsp cacao powder and agave/maple syrup)

- pinch of salt

- 1tsp vanilla extract


- Preheat the oven to 175 degrees and roast your hazelnuts for around 15minutes. To do this, pop them all in one layer on a baking sheet before roasting.

- Let them cool slightly and then using a towel and your hands roll them around until most of the skins come off. This bit can be a bit tricky, ensure your hazelnuts have been roasted for long enough to release the natural oils otherwise this might take a very long time. They don't need to be perfect though!

- Add the hazelnuts to a food processor (with nothing else) and blend on low until a nut butter is formed. If you haven't done this before you will be amazed....keep blending! It can take up to 10 minutes! 

- If you are using chocolate melt it while the nut butter forms. Once formed add to to the mix along with the salt and vanilla and blend. If you are using cacao powder do exactly the same, but you will need to add a sweetener such as maple or agave to taste - you might also need more salt, or vanilla so take the time to taste it before you pop it in a jar. The sweetener will thicken the spread so be careful not to add too much! Transfer to a clean jar and store for 2-3 weeks or more!


Sometimes you just need to be intuitive…

So you’re on the mat, and your sequence is in your mind…but you just don’t feel like it. Allow yourself to go within, close your eyes, what does your body need? Home practice doesn’t need to be anything like the practice that you do at the studio – let is be what it is! People often say they don’t know what to practice at home…but the body knows!

Work from head to toe checking in with each part of you as you move upwards, and listen! What feels tight, what feels loose? It might be that you need to work on a few simple hip openers followed by a long relaxation. It may be that you need to do a few backbends (make sure you’re warm enough first – be careful!). You might just need to lie back on a bolster for half an hour! Allow yourself some time to tune into your body and focus on you!


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