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Posted on March 14 2017

How To...

1.Go into full squat with your feet together (or hip-width apart). Lower buttocks towards your heels (if heels aren't on floor place a folded blanket underneath) 

2.While inhaling, swing knees to the left and your torso to the right. Exhaling, reach the back of your upper left arm around the outside of your right leg. Reach your left forearm in front of your legs to wrap back behind the left leg.

3.While inhaling, Place your right hand behind your lower back and clasp hands together. Gaze over your right shoulder keeping knees parallel and facing forwards.

4.Hold for 30-60 seconds. Switch sides.



  • It helps therapeutically for; Asthma, Flatulence, Menstrual discomfort, Sciatica, Mild stress in the neck, back & shoulder
  • It tones the ankles and makes them strong.
  • Gives the spine, groin, and thighs a good stretch.
  • The chest and the shoulders open up with this asana.
  • The abdominal organs get a good massage, therefore digestion is improved.
  • The body posture is enhanced with a regular practice.


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