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Christmas Gifts for any yogi!

Posted on December 14 2016

Christmas gifts for any yogi!

It's the time of year again where the shops start to get busy and Christmas is just around the corner! So, we decided to make your Christmas shopping a little bit easier this year...whether you use this guide as some last minute buys or simply for some inspiration! It's always nice to have a helping hand along the way for this stressful season :)


Stocking Fillers 

•Soap/Soap Nuts

We have a variety of soaps that are vegetarian and vegan-friendly! Our favourite is the Chandrika Sandal soap... this has pure vegetable oils and 7 essential oils. This soap will moisturise, soothe, tighten pores and help skin/rashes, it also smells great!

We also have soap nuts. They are hypoallergenic and biodegradable with no toxins, synthetics or artificial perfumes. It comes with a cloth bag so you can pop them in the laundry, they are re-usable and 5 soap nuts can last 3-5 laundry cycles. Perfect for anyone.

 Chandrika Sandal Soap Soap Nuts
£3 £10


•7-Chakra Mat Bag 

A bright and eye-catching mat bag (one of our personal favourites!). This mat bag has 2 pockets! One small one in the inside and another one that is deeper on the side. The strap is adjustable and goes nicely around the shoulder and it zips to close.

7-Chakra Mat Bag


Mat Bag Lite

Our Yoga Mat Bag is very lightweight and breathable. It fits nicely over the shoulder and can carry mats with ease. This bag is good for mats up 66cm wide and 6mm thick. There is also a choice of colour; Brown or Burgundy.

 Yoga Mat BaBrown or Burgundy


•Yoga Belts

These belts are strong, thick and made from a soft organic cotton. They have a D-ring metal clasp. Coming in a variety of vibrant colours, it's a perfect yet simple gift for anyone looking to extend, twist and bind!

Yoga Belts XL Yoga Belts
£5.50 £7


•Autobiography of a Yogi

This is a spiritual classic that many read over and over again! Yogananda was the first great master of India to live in the West for an extended period of time...he introduced thousand of students to yoga. This book tells his story and shares his memoirs.

 Autobiography of a Yogi


•Awaken your life force and calm your mind CD

A 30-day breathing program with Michael Gannon. This CD will take you on a physical and mental journey for 20 minutes of each day. This will enhance your health, increase your energy and you will experience true relaxation.

 Awaken your life force and calm your mind CD



•Magnesium Flakes

Magnesium is involved in about 300 biochemical reactions in the body, it also encourages the body to absorb calcium which prevents build up in soft tissue and muscle. Magnesium enhances the immune system, helps muscle spasms and those who suffer restless leg syndrome, and it lowers blood pressure. It helps with a lot as it is an essential mineral for the body.

Magnesium Flakes
From £3.49



Wrap yourself up in an Organic handwoven blanket, put a lovely (warm or cold) Lavender and Flaxseed eye mask on your eyes and let the incense burn in the background as you unwind and destress.



Eye Mask

We have two different lovely masks that anyone would love to have! One is a lovely handmade silk eye pillow that is filled with organic linseed, an essential to unwind and relax. The other is made from cotton with a Flaxseed and dry Lavender filling, again an essential to de-stress! They apply mild pressure on the eyes to deepen relaxation, they can also go in the fridge for a more cool effect...they are also machine washable!

 Organic Eye Mask (Linseed) (Flaxseed and Lavender)
£7.20 £6.76


•Meditation Cushion

The fabulous Organic Meditation Cushions are back. Filled with buckwheat that moulds to you body, enabling you to feel comfort and supported. These are extremely durable and won't lose their crescent shape.

 Organic Meditation Cushion


•Incense/Incense Holder

Our incense (Saty Sai Baba Nag Champa) is made from coconut shell charcoal, sandalwood, jigat powder, loban powder, halmaddi, gum styrax, honey, perfume and natural adhesives. It is a legitimate Saty Sai Baba! We also do incense holders...there're five different variations of these and they are hand carved in Indian soapstone. We have one that says Nag Champa so it would go perfectly!

Nag Champa Incense Incense Holder - Nag Champa
£2 £12


Breathing CD

Breathing; the secret to better health! Transform each breath into a state of calm, stimulate the body's vital organs and get energy into each of your cells.

 Breathing CD by Ken Cohen



Organic handwoven cotton blankets from India. They are super easy to roll and fold, giving you extra height or support if you need it. (They are machine washable too)

 Organic Yoga Blankets


 •Yin Kit

You can use everything in this kit to compliment almost any practice. Our Organic Bolsters, Blocks and Organic Blankets are individually special and can help you (or a loved one) in a wide range of postures. 

Yin Kit


Perfect for traveling yogis

 •Ocean Pro Kit Bag

This beautiful and spacious kit bag will allow you to store everything you need! There is also a deep side pocket and a deep front pocket. It is a zip up bag to ensure all of your kit stays safe! 

 Ocean Pro Kit Bag


•Balance Travel Mat

This mat has a rough and dry texture, it's made to suit an experienced yogi that loves to have a deeper connection to the floor. The mat is ultra lightweight and easy to take anywhere with you, you can roll it up to get it in your mat bag or fold it to get it into your luggage!

 Balance Travel Mat


Pranayama: The Energetics of Breath

Andr van Lysebeth  describes the laws and techniques necessary for collecting, storing and having conscious control over pranic energies within the body. This is an amazing practical handbook, with a bit of discipline anyone can gain great energy and be calm in times of stress.

Pranayama: The Energetics of Breath


•Tao in a Bottle

The main ingredient is L-Theanine (an amino acid) and helps to de-stress and relax, without making you feel drowsy. It also has concentrated extracts of the 8 greatest adaptogens. It's perfect to increase mental focus and peaceful alertness.

 Tao in a Bottle


•Calyana Mat Strap

The Calyana Mat strap is made of 100% cotton and is very durable. It doesn't leave any marks on your mat, and it can fit any mat too! Just put it over your shoulder and your ready to go :)

Calyana Mat Strap


Gifts for beginner yogis

•Ashtanga Cards

Davis Swenson's ashtanga cards ( primary and short forms) are a very useful tool to help guide you when you practice. They are laminated (sweat-proof!) and foldable, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Swenson also includes top hints and the Sanskrit names for the asanas!

The short forms are as good as the full primary cards, it's just for the people who don't have time to practice the full primary series cards or are still learning them.

 Ashtanga Primary Card Ashtanga Short Forms Card
£7.50 £7.50


•Towel Mat

This mat towel is great to put on top of studio mats for hygiene or your own mat for some extra grip! The towel mat has 100% silicone nubs that prevent slipping on the floor or prevents you from sliding. They also come in a variety of colours, so you can match the towel with the rest of your equipment!

Grip Dot Towel Mat (old season) Grip Dot Towel Mat (new season)
£12 £25


•Karma TPE Mat

This is one of our most popular mats based on the 'feel-factor'. The mat is super soft, cushioned and has a cool kundalini snake-style pattern on it. The mat is lightweight and has an amazing grip as soon as you use it! We recommend this to people who slip a lot and need a mat with good grip.

 Karma TPE Mat


•The Pink Kit

This kit comes with everything needed to start yoga, it is also lightweight and easy to carry to classes!

Mat (Pink): Soft, grippy and absorbs sweat.

Belt (Rose Red): Made from organic cotton, it's strong and thick. Helping you get started in binding, extending and twisting.

The Pink Kit


•Intro to Ashtanga

Yogi Master Richard Freeman introduces the ashtanga poses and very clearly demonstrates how the flowing vinyasa works. Freeman details the sun salutations and postures in a way that they flow beautifully as they awaken deep levels of meditation.

 Ashtanga Yoga: Introduction to Ashtanga


•Mat Bag

This mat bag has 2 pockets and is a drawstring close! One small one in the inside and another one that is deeper on the side. The strap is adjustable and goes nicely around the shoulder, freeing your hands!

 Munro Mat Bag Loch Mat Bag
£19.85 £19.85


For the Devoted Yogi  

•Hot Yoga Pack

Our most loved Pro-mat! The mat was made with advanced practitioners in mind, and those who love to do yoga everyday! The mat is extremely durable and has outstanding grip (please not this will take some wear to achieve the grip). 

The pack also comes with a hot yoga towel mat. These mats have little silicone nubs that give you even more grip when practicing yoga. No more sliding and a more hygienic layer.

 Hot Yoga Pack


•Tonic Alchemy: Super Food

A delicious super food blend that offers arguably the best and widest range of nutrition of any super food product in the world. With 91 amazing ingredients, Tonic Alchemy is the ultimate natural alchemical life-enhancing nutritional complex and energy source deliverable in a glass.

 Tonic Alchemy: Super Food


•Magnesium Body Lotion

Magnesium Body Lotion contains 30% BetterYou Magnesium Oil combined with shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin E. When used daily this light formulation will moisturise and hydrate skin to promote a healthy skin glow. It is also perfect for soothing sore muscles after a dynamic yoga practice. It will fit nicely into a yoga bag which is always handy!

 Magnesium Body Lotion


•Organic Buckwheat bolster

These come in a selection of beautiful colours, filled with organic buckwheat and with a removable machine-washable organic cotton cover (and handle). Buckwheat grains mould perfectly to the body offering firm support and heat retention– as well as being exceptionally durable – unlike other cotton bolsters, these will never lose their shape!

 Organic Buckwheat Bolster


Luxurious gifts for that someone special! 

•Handmade Wild Nettle Mat Bag

The fabrics used for these bags is made with hand harvested, handspun and processed wild nettle and wild hemp. Nettle fabric has the amazing characteristic of becoming softer the more it is used. This, along with its high durability, means you’ll truly have a great bag that just gets better!

 Handmade Wild Nettle Bag


•Pro Yoga Mat by Kino MacGregor

This mat's foam is just absorbent enough to give a great grip beneath your hands - without being too sticky. You will be encouraged to pull the weight up and out of your hands and to engage your bandhas and core. Gripping well to hard-surfaces and floors this mat is fantastic for Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa or any dynamic practice.

 Pro Yoga Mat


•Yoga: The Art of Adjusting

This international nest selling manual has detailed instructions for surya namaskara, 12 standing poses, and more than 20 other asanas. The layout features a description of key alignment tips and other important features for each pose, plus common misalignments.

 Yoga: The Art of Adjusting


For the book lovers... 

•Hatha Yoga: A Personal Experience

This closed the final chapter on a fascinating journey, both inward and outward, of one of the most influential Western Yogis of the twentieth century, whose guiding light was to know the truth, free from the trappings and tapestries of illusion.

 Hatha Yoga: A Personal Experience


•Penthouse of the Gods

This fantastic account is unparalleled in its detail and authenticity, and offers a glimpse into a place and time completely unrecognisable from the Tibet of today. Written by Theos Casimir Bernard was an author and explorer, most known for his yoga and religious studies.

Penthouse of the Gods 


•Yoga week by week

perfect guidance for a home daily yoga practise - weekly changing set of asanas & pranayama may help you stay conscious! The author is equally concerned with helping the serious student of Yoga to achieve the right State of mind to perfect the physical exercises.

 Yoga Week by Week



Yours in Yoga

Abbie, Aimee, Natalie, Rebeca


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