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Double Standing Forward Bend

Posted on February 07 2017

For a much deeper and more satisfying Foward Fold you should do it with a partner! This allows you to pull other so you can stretch the hamstrings and back even more, it will also build trust as you are supporting each other. It is a lovely pose and it feels amazing when you're giving your hamstrings the deep stretch they need!

  1. Stand back to back with your partner, leaving 6-12 inches of space between each other (make sure there is enough space for your bums to fold forward!) 
  2. Both of you bend at the waist and come into a Standing Forward Bend.
  3. Reach your hands behind you and grab onto your partner's hands. If you are able to, you can walk your hands closer together so that you are holding one another's forearms, elbows, or shoulders. Your bums should be touching too, if they aren't, simply walk your heels back to ensure they touch.
  4. Keep you legs straight and lengthen through the spine. Stay here for five deep breaths, or longer if you like. 
  5. When leaving the pose, let go of each other and slowly raise up, with your hand on your hips, to your starting position.


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