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The Yoga Gift Guide #1: for HER

Posted on November 24 2015

Our No. 1 Mat + Towel Combo.

Luxury, Performance, Colour, Design.

The Calyana Purple Prime is our favourite mat by a mile. It is soft, luxurious, designed for a pro and gives an outstanding grip level for a performance mat.

The Ekotex Silicon Grip-dot towel is a perfect addition for hot yoga or for a particularly sweaty day...we all have them!! ;)

£53 - Calyana Prime £25 - Ekotex Grip Towel (Paloma)


Magnesium returns our SUPER YOGA POWERS

Magnesium Body Butter - £9.95


Love Goddess Elixir - £45

Magnesium is VITAL for women and is absorbed rapidly through the skin. It can lift our mood, reduce muscle cramps and is the BEST natural muscle relaxant and recovery mineral. We love the ALL NATURAL rich and intensely moisturising butter - full of Cocoa, Coconut and Shea. Revitalise your Goddess with this deeply tonic chinese blend. Containing herbs that support the female reproductive systems, increase libido, circulation to the pelvic area and fertility. Embrace your feminine strength, power and energy.


 TOP PICK: The Shakti Colouring Book - £14.00

We all need something to do in the morning on Christmas Day. And what could be better than a meditative goddess-colouring-in session. Grab one while you can!


Asquith Easy Long-Sleeve Tee


Asquith Blissful Wrap


Organic Yoga Blanket




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