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Science & Yoga

Posted on November 06 2015

This week at the Yoga Shop we thought we would delve into the science of yoga. Despite the fact that yoga is thousands of years old we are just now beginning to understand how it effects our bodies on a scientific level.

Yoga helps reduce stress by reducing levels of the hormone cortisol. Almost every cell in our body has receptors of this steroid hormone which is responsible for a whole variety of functions from healing wounds to memory formation. 

However it can have adverse effects on the body when one is stressed. So reducing the body’s cortisol level is generally a good thing. The effects of reducing this can actually be quite incredible: as the hormone can dampen the effects of the immune system practising can in turn increase the function of our immune system. 

Yoga also boosts the feel-good brain serotonin, and dopamine, which are responsible for feeling relaxed and content.

So there you have it a little science for a Friday.  Stay tuned for a preview of our Black Friday deals coming next week.


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