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The 5 reasons why we love Planet Sadhana

Posted on September 18 2015



Form my experience there is no perfect yoga mat, there is only the perfect yoga mat for you. Fortunately, there are many yoga mats in the market to chose from, unfortunately you could spend an eternity researching the many varieties in the market. The most important thing is to choose a mat and use it

I practice on the Planet Sadhana Pro Asana, which I love. So here it is, the 5 reasons why I l love the Planet Sadhana range:

1. Durability

I discovered Planet Sadhana when practicing on a borrowed mat at the studio where I started my yoga journey. This mat is tried and tested and found to be perfect for a studio as Planet Sadhana mats excel on their durability; designed for the daily practice. The longevity of the mat is thus also ideal for the dedicated practitioner with a dynamic yoga practice. With an average mat wearing in in less than a year for an active practice; Planet Sadhana will last you an eternity. I feel all warm inside knowing the same mat will be with me throughout my yoga journey….and this is the number one reason why I love my Planet Sadhana mat.

2. …Britain!

In my final year of university I learnt about ‘consumer ethnocentrism’; consumer ethnocentrism is where consumers may believe that it is not appropriate, and possibly even immoral, to buy products from other countries. Personally, I do not find it immoral to buy global, but I do love to buy British brands if I can. This is reason two why I love Planet Sadhana…they are a British brand founded in Edinburgh in 1999.

3. Made by a yogi, for a yogi.

The founder of Planet Sadhana was a passionate yoga teacher - who still develops mats today. When designing the first Planet Sadhana mat, the inspiration was to create a mat with the perfect grip….and it certainly has that! Although this mat, like all performance mats, take a while to wear in, its reputation for performance and durability precedes itself. This leads itself to my third reason for loving Planet Sadhana….it was designed and is made with the same passion for yoga that I practice with.

4. Eco-friendly

I love Planet Sadhana for not using any nasty chemicals or toxins in their mat, and for being so durable they don't need to be replaced often (if at all); meaning these mats are not the ones being tossed away due to falling apart. I think being eco-friendly is something we all strive to be and I believe this to be significant to the Yama of non-harming.

5. Colour!

I just had to include this. The mat that I practice on comes in a beautiful two tone; deep blue on one side and deep grey on the other and reminds me of the night sky every time I practice. I love it!


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