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No. 2: International Friend #1 AIREX

Posted on March 10 2015

In my time with the yoga shop I have tried dozens of yoga mats! The Calyana by Airex is truly unique...
When looking for a yoga mat people usually prioritise 1 of 3 things. Durability, Grip or Good Price. The Calyana is the only mat which we believe delivers all three!!


Durability & Quality


The Swiss may be known for their mad time-keeping skills...but they should also be known for their mats! As a company, Airex have been working with yoga mats for over 50 years. The foam used to create the Calyanas is firm but with a slight spring - it is also dense, which means it can survive wear and you hours of practice time.



This is the unique factor. When we laid these out at the Om Yoga Show in 2014, the main feedback was the grip. The grip doesn't feel 'dry' like a TPE (some people prefer this) nor is it 'sticky'. The surface has almost a woven feel, and the consensus from those testing was that it felt 'natural'. The green colour of the Karma Lime even led one lovely lady to say she felt as if she were practicing on a giant leaf! Magic!!


This is not the cheapest mat on the market...but in 'yoga miles' you are getting much more value for money. The combination of the above 2 factors is an incredibly rare thing to find. To put it simply. Airex have nailed it.

Finally...they look beautiful!


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