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Reason No. 1: It’s about the yoga…not the shop.

Posted on March 08 2015

The truth. To practice yoga - you need absolutely nothing. You don’t need mala beads, fashion, toe socks, candles, incense…it goes on…

One of the many beautiful things about yoga is that all you need to work with, is yourself.

We see this truth…which is why we try to keep it simple and only sell the products which have aided us in our own practice.

Our aim is to help you focus and progress. For example, a good mat cushions you so that you can practice longer and grips you just enough that you are not distracted by slip. The same goes for clothing that breathes and gives you freedom to move…or even incense, which when burnt can help to relax, clarify and still your mind. Everything in our store has purpose. Different people need different things; as teachers and practitioners ourselves we guide all of our customers to the most appropriate product(s) for them.

As retailers of yoga equipment for over 15 years - we have quite clearly played a part in the commercialism of yoga in the UK. We embrace this, as the ultimate result is that more people are now practicing yoga…and are healthier and happier as a result!

We'll leave our favourite Texan to do the rest of the talking...


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